Face painting is fun, but what better way to celebrate any occasion than with some extra sparkle in the form of waterproof glitter tattoos.

Glitter tattoos are applied with a skin-safe adhesive and should last several days with care.

If you’d like a second entertainment option for guests in addition to face painting for your event, glitter tattoos are an excellent choice for extra fun.

We hope you enjoy these sparkly examples which are only a few of the many glitter tattoo designs we offer for your events.

For best results in preserving glitter tattoos, keep in mind that friction is what usually causes them to deteriorate over time. Also, soaking in chlorinated water for long periods can weaken the adhesive, so if you go in the pool after receiving a glitter tattoo, gently pat it dry when you get out and allow it to dry completely.

Glitter tattoo adhesive may be removed by rubbing design with a cotton ball soaked in rubbing alcohol or with baby oil.