We offer several services to insure you’ll have the right  entertainment for your guests. The Glam Tattoo (also known as Henna Lace) is a sophisticated option for tweens, teens, and adults who prefer lustrous, jewelry-like body art available in a variety of bases dusted with delicate gem powders. 

Unlike traditional henna, which stains the skin, Glam Tattoos sit on top of the skin and last for approximately 1-3 days or more with care.

Glam Tattoos come in a number of colors, including copper, bronze, gold, white, black, and black light sensitive hot pink. Designs are dusted with a shimmering gem powder, and they make the perfect summer accessory for your arm, hand, back, ankle, or leg.

Glam Tattoos are fairly waterproof, although they do not hold up well in chlorinated water or if soaked in a bath for long periods of time. In order to preserve a design as long as possible, it should be patted dry if it becomes wet.

Designs can be removed by rubbing with rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball. (If designs soak in water for a long time—for example in a bath—they will become softer, making removal easier.)

Gold base with gold gem powder
Black base with teal gem powder
Bronze base with copper gem powder
Silver base with diamond gem powder
Gold base with gold gem powder