Our goal is to make your entertainment the best it can possibly be, whether your event is a cozy private party or a large corporate event needing multiple entertainers. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the host/hostess information below, and let us know if you have any questions.

Host/hostess information:

A date is only reserved when BOTH the signed contract AND the event retainer have been received. The retainer is part of your event total and is non-refundable.

• You may choose to pay your retainer by Chase/Zelle, Square, or Paypal. If you choose to pay through Paypal or Square, please provide an email so we may invoice you for the retainer.

• Final payment may be made by Chase/Zelle, Credit Card, or Cash at time of event. We do not take personal checks for final payment.

• Only organizations, corporations, or schools may use check for payment. 

• Our face paints are FDA-compliant, hypoallergenic, nontoxic professional face paints. Face paint should be removed before bed, and most colors wash off easily if lathered well with a mild soap first and then wiped away with a wet wash cloth. Keep in mind that some colors may stain slightly (usually blues or greens) and may require a second washing to remove them. Baby shampoo works especially well to remove face paint since it is gentle for a child’s skin.

• To remove glitter glue adhesive or adhesive used for gems, rub area with a small amount of rubbing alcohol on a cotton swab or cotton ball until adhesive is gone.

• Alcohol base airbrush ink (or in some cases hybrid airbrush ink) is used for airbrush tattoos on the arms. Airbrush tattoos may last 24 hours to several days with care and may be removed by with rubbing alcohol.

• Hybrid airbrush inks are used on the face. Airbrush tattoos on the face should be first soaped well with soap only before wiping away with a wet washcloth. Rinse and repeat until all airbrush ink has been removed. A facial cleanser is also helpful in removing the final paint.

• For safety reasons, we do not paint babies under the age of one or children who do not want to be face painted. We reserve the option to paint children under the age of three on the arm, rather than the face, based on whether we believe the child will be still enough to be painted safely.

• We can provide approximately 12-15 party designs per hour (10 to 12 if using gem clusters), so please keep this in mind as you plan so there is adequate time for each guest to be face painted. Painting time depends on the complexity of the designs guests choose.

• High volume events: If your event is a high volume event, please let us know at the time you book your event. Artists can provide approximately 20 to 25 simplified designs per hour for a high volume event, depending what guests choose.

• Sometimes we cannot extend performance time due to other events which are scheduled for the same date, but if you would like to extend and we are able to accommodate the change, extra performance time may be purchased in 30 minute increments. Let the performer know at the beginning of your event if you would like an extension of performance time if possible.

• For indoor events, please provide a well-lit, 6 x 6 foot area for table and chair. A non-smoking environment is required for all indoor events.

• For outdoors events, please provide a shaded, flat area for artist. Cement or wood surfaces are best, but a grassy space is fine as long as it isn’t soft or muddy. In case of bad weather, high winds, or if temperature is below 55º, please have an alternate indoor location or sheltered area where artist can set up.

• If event is at a public location, please check with management or park district to determine if Artist will need to provide proof of liability insurance or any other documentation before performing on the premises.

• To promote a healthy face painting experience for children, Artists follow a strict well-child policy. Children who have symptoms of illness or who have any contagious condition cannot be painted, airbrushed, or glitter tattooed.

• Please make all event cancellations or rescheduling by phone call at least 24 hours prior to event. You may text or email as a follow-up, but a phone call is important to make sure your message is received. You will receive a return call acknowledging the change for your event. Artist’s ability to reschedule is not guaranteed, since it is dependent on other scheduled events, but we will do our best to accommodate you if at all possible. The retainer is not transferable. A new date reservation will require a separate retainer.