2016-01-26 FP RainbowPandaStepFinalB

Face painting takes lots of training and practice. Over time, the more you practice to develop your skills, something amazing happens. Like the emergence of a butterfly from a chrysalis, your own style begins to appear.


Last year I became a freelance writer for Facepaint.com and Clownantics.com, and it was one of the best choices I’ve made as a face painter. Writing tutorials and articles for them has pushed me to create new designs. The happy result is that I’m finally beginning to see the glimmer of a style which I can call my own. It’s still in its infancy is heavily influenced by wonderful face painting artists like Marcela Murad, Margi Kanter, Lisa Joy Young, Olga Murasev, and many others, but it’s exhilarating to see my goals as a face painter and artist materialize.

2016-02-04 CA-ValentineMaskStepFinalD

This year as I paint for families and businesses in the Chicago area, I hope to see you at an event soon so I can create a fabulous design just for you which will incorporate my style with your favorite colors, themes, or characters. And I hope to bring smiles to many children in the bargain. See you in 2016!

2016-02-18 CA-HeartBearStepFinalA