2016-01-28 CA FrozMaskFinalC

Over Christmas I spent some of the time creating bling clusters for masks, and I think I’m permanently hooked. At first they weren’t easy, and after some practice, they were still challenging, but at least began to look better.

The best part is that, while gems are a beautiful addition to masks, crowns, and eye designs, bling clusters are even more gorgeous, and the children whose designs I’ve used the clusters on are absolutely thrilled with them.

2016-02-04 CA-ValentineMaskStepFinalD

To see how well they last, I’ve done some of the designs with bling clusters on my art students, who have gymnastic class following my art class, and it turns out that the bling designs have survived the classes well.


So I hope you enjoy these designs, and if you’d like to reserve some fabulous bling face painting for your party this year, stop by my main page and fill out your event information to check on my availability for your event. I’m looking forward to meeting you and painting for you this year!

Beth MacKinney