Every three years my husband’s family has a wonderful week-long reunion. This year’s reunion had a little of everything. We had crafts. We had meals together. We had a talent show. We did escape rooms. We went swimming. We had times of sharing (several international missionaries in the family). Over 60 of us inner-tubed/kayaked/rafted down a river (and got some pretty bad sunburns). So what better place to practice face painting and airbrushing than in the midst of all this fun!

This post holds a few images from the wonderful week we shared together.

On the road and ready for adventure.
A sample of the sunburned many.
Happy butterflies from face painting.
During the talent show. I don’t think there are any introverts in the family.
Adults sometimes make unexpected requests. Lol.
Koi Fish airbrush tattoo on one of the many cousins.
Had to have the waterproof airbrush tattoos for the pool.
Arkansas was hot, so guess where the kids were every afternoon?
The adorable puppy Mocha (the real one, not the painted one) was our reunion mascot. Just the most darling and happy little pup ever!
More waterproof airbrush for the pool.
WUK = What’s Up Kuz group (later to perform at the talent show).
Mom got in on it, too.
We made it out!
Cousins with matching skull tattoos.
Definitely a favorite!
Impossible to get every person in the photo, but we tried
and got almost everybody in it.

Here’s hoping your summer was wonderful, too!

On the way home, Traveling Tangerine is sporting the pool wrist band
from camp. I think he had a great time, too.